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Public Safety

NHCC's Public Safety Office supports the campus by providing regular foot and vehicle patrol, monitoring system cameras & alarms, and providing proactive communications related to safety awareness. We also provide on-campus escort services, jump start vehicles, and manage lost and found items.

Equally important, we encourage people to help prevent crimes by making them aware of campus safety matters and asking them to report any illegal and unsafe activities. Practicing personal safety and reporting incidents of concern are ways we can work together as a safety-conscience community. 

Star Alert: Emergency Notification System

Star Alert is the college’s emergency notification and warning system. In the event of an emergency, severe weather, or any incident that impacts campus operations. Star Alert will notify you of further instructions. If you are a student or employee your NHCC email is automatically enrolled for receiving alerts.

Optionally, you can also sign up to receive alerts via personal email, home or work phone, or text (your carrier’s normal text charges will apply, if any). Alerts sent by NHCC will originate from 763-488-0488 for phone calls and 69310 for text messages (in case you wish to save these numbers to your phones).

To setup your account in order to receive emergency notifications via personal email, home or work phone and/or text please follow this link:

Click here to sign up or manage your Star Alert emergency notifications.

 Campus Security Authority (CSA)

In 1986, Jeanne Clery was raped and murdered  in her residence hall room at Lehigh University by another student. Her parents believe she would have been more cautious if she had known about other violent crimes at Lehigh. Jeanne’s parents championed laws requiring the disclosure of campus crime information, and the federal law that now bears their daughter’s name was first enacted in 1990. The law has been amended to expand the law’s requirements concerning the handling of sexual violence.

A CSA is a Clery- specific term that encompasses four groups of individuals and organizations associated with the college whose job functions involve building relationships with students. These individuals or organizations are considered to have significant responsibility for student and campus activities. The four groups are: Public Safety Officer or Police, individuals with Campus Security Responsibilities, Individuals designated by the College, and Officials with significant responsibility for student and campus activities who are likely to receive complaints from a victim of crime.


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Phone: 911

Public Safety Department
Phone: 763-424-0807
Location: LRC 101

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