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Below are some outside financial aid website resources that students and parents might find helpful. These outside websites include additional information on financial aid, tax benefits and loan repayment resources. NHCC assumes no responsibility for the content located on these sites.

Department of Education: Information on education issues and financial aid programs.

Federal Student Loan Ombudsman: A resource for student experiencing difficulty with the student loan process.

Finaid: Website with links to information on lenders (interest rates, fees, etc.), financial aid programs, and scholarships.

Financial Aid Videos: The Department of Education's student aid website provides a number of informational audio and video files about the aid application process. The videos are available in English and Spanish.

Federal Financial Aid Estimator: If you want to explore your federal financial aid options, by using the FAFSA4caster, you and your family will receive an early estimate of eligibility for federal student aid. (If you are a senior in high school you will want to complete the actual FAFSA.)

Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation: Locate information on loans, make payments or browse the financial management resources.

Internal Revenue Service: Information on tax filing requirements and obtaining copies of your tax documents.

Minnesota Dream Act: Provides information for undocumented students about certain benefits they may qualify for. 

Minnesota Higher Education Services Office: Provides information on financial aid resources, financial aid estimators and college fairs.

Minnesota State Legislature: Locate information on who represents you, bills, and upcoming events.

NSLDS: Access for students to view their cumulative loan balances (you will need a Federal PIN to access NSLDS).

Student Aid on the Web:  Provides information on planning for college, the types of aid available and loan repayment information.

Selective Service Registration: Information on registration requirements.

Tax Break: Find out how the Hope and Lifetime Learning Tax Credits can help with education costs by reading IRS Publication 970, "Tax Benefits for Education."



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