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How Service Learning Works

How Service Learning Works

Students must be able to provide their own transportation to a community partner site and perform the duties related to the course curriculum.  A student’s Service Learning experience may also include:

  • Enrolling in a class with a Service Learning component.
  • Being a part of a student club completing Service Learning.
  • Completing a Service Learning experience as a part of a graduation requirement.
  • Completing an application, liability contract and background check.
  • Committing to 10 hours of service per semester or more.
  • Checking in with the community organization, class instructor and your NHCC’s Service Learning contact.
  • Hours completed are tracked via a secure log-in by the community partner. 


Classroom Service Learning

  • Complete a liability contract AGODOCS1621421v1NOHENNCOMMCOLLReleaseofLiability.
  • Review the Service Learning partner’s link under the Service Learning section of the NHCC website.
  • Complete the application process for the Service Learning partner of your choice.
  • Once the community partner informs you of your acceptance to their volunteer program, notify your NHCC Service Learning contact and your instructor of your placement.
  • Your hours will be tracked by the community partner using a secure log in to document your hours and a description of your duties; this viewed by your instructor once the hours are recorded at Verify Service Learning Hours .
  • Download the activity log on the Service Learning home page. It is recommended that you keep separate documentation of your hours.
  • It is your responsibility to follow up with your community partner.  Please be respectful and responsible so that future NHCC students will be valued and sought out by our community partners.

Student Club Service Learning

  • Options for groups will be reviewed, to help place your club with any of our community partners. There are numerous one-time events, project centered opportunities, or volunteer options that could support the purpose of your club. There may also be additional opportunities for your club to fundraise in conjunction with our community partners.