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NHCC Graphic Design Xperience Project


Design Internship Program

The Graphic Design Xperience Project is a willful partnership between local employers and North Hennepin Community College to provide students with meaningful graphic design internships. The project serves employers that want effective outcomes from internal staff in efficiency and accessibility, and also provides coaching and leadership experience for mentor employees. It works for interns who bring their substantial design skills to the table, as they learn to get to know your audiences and make a positive impact.

Contact Heather Olson to get the internship advantage of skills, convenience and deliverables for your organization, while gaining leadership experience for your mentoring employees. Let the win-win begin!

What do employers say about the Xperience Project?

“Everyone in the department commented on how great Jamison was to work with. The quality of his work was top notch as well. I was impressed that even on the very first day he was able to log on and start designing within minutes! I feel the experience and knowledge he received in your program prepared him well for everything we threw at him. Thanks again for this partnership.” - US Foods

"What a pleasure it has been to have Heather on the team. She has done a wonderful job on daily tasks, and knocked it out of the park on her feature project. She will be missed!” - Tiger Oak Media

“Zach is doing a great job and we are very happy with him!” - AMH-RFID

“Andrew is quite reliable and is interested in his work and open to feedback. It’s been fun collaborating with him.” - Merch Detective

What do interns say about the Xperience Project?

“This is a great experience for me and I feel a lot more confident going forward in my search for a design job.” - Jamison

“Thanks again for helping me line up this awesome opportunity, it is greatly appreciated!” - Zach

“Overall I had a great experience at US Foods. The trade show was my favorite part. From being able to attend, to designing one of the main featured events (Burger Fusion). That moment so far in my design career has been the biggest goal I have completed. Knowing I had a section/booth of multiple 6 foot posters of my designs was so amazing and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to do so. The people I worked with were great. I know I will stay connected with many of them.” - Candace

“I got an idea of what it’s like to work as a 9-5 graphic designer. They had me do a little bit of everything. I’m glad they trusted me like that. They realized my strengths and utilized them. There was a perfect amount of professional graphic design work with creative freedom and intellectual support with fun.” - Heather

Student Internship Assignment

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Featured in February 2016 edition of Edina Magazine (Tiger Oak Media)

Contact Information

Business Contact:
Heather Olson
Internship Producer

Student Contact:
Jason Schoch
Design Program Faculty