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Drawing on the Liberal Arts, Professional Communications majors take courses that prepare them professionally and personally, and allow flexibility in the career path chosen. Upper division classes for the major include such topics as Organizational Communication, Health Communication, Communicating with New Media, Intercultural Communication, and Communication in Work Groups. Metropolitan State University will be offering courses toward this major at North Hennepin Community College beginning in the fall of 2018.*

Students in the Professional Communication Major Develop Skill Sets that Are Highly Valued by Employers:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Team Participation and Leadership
  • New Media Production and Messaging
  • Writing
  • Persuasion and Advocacy
  • Intercultural Communication

Professional Communication Majors Pursue a Wide-Range of Career Paths:

  • Communication/Public Relations Professionals develop social media messaging, newsletters, training materials, press releases, and speeches.
  • Managers facilitate organizational effectiveness.
  • Advocates and Organizers represent both individuals (e.g., health setting) and organizations (e.g., labor unions).
  • Consultants and Corporate Trainers bring expertise on such topics as interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, presentation skills, persuasion, customer service, and new media.
  • Development Professionals advance the work of non-profit organizations through capital campaigns and fund-raising.
  • Sales Agents persuade buyers to purchase a wide range of products.
  • Campaign Managers design and lead persuasive efforts in politics, health, and other arenas.
  • Professional Communication majors also apply to graduate programs in Communication Studies, Law, Public Policy, Health Policy, Administration, Business, and Social Science.

*Not all courses from this program can be taken at North Hennepin at this time.