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  • Computers/Computer Labs

    North Hennepin 11 computer classrooms: CLA-133, CBT-159, CBT-160, CBT-161, CBT-162, ES-120, LRC-101, LRC-104, LRC-167 and SCI-128 with CBT-162 and FAC-126 featuring Macintosh equipment.
    In addition, CBT-158 is an open computer lab; and there are computer areas is the ES lobby, LRC and CLA buildings.
    Computer classrooms that directly support classroom instruction, are equipped with overhead projectors and printers, and have the latest versions of various software packages including Microsoft Office, internet browsers, and programming languages.

  • Email

    Student Email (@my.nhcc.edu)
    North Hennepin Community College provides Microsoft Outlook Live email service. Email is the official means of communication at North Hennepin (see college policy 5.31), so all official communication from the college and your instructors will go to your @my.nhcc.edu email address. Therefore, it is critical that you set up and check your @my.nhcc.edu email address regularly.

    Note: If you are a student through the University Center, you will need to check the email associated with the partnering university. If you have already activated your StarID, click here to log in to your Email.

    Mobile Device
    You can setup your Outlook email to push directly to mobile device using these setting information:

    • Username (starid@my.nhcc.edu) and password
    • Servers (SSL), if needed:
      • Incoming: outlook.office365.com (993)
      • Outgoing: smtp.office365.com (587)

    Access email from mobile devices setup instructions.

  • Employee Remote Access

    Use VMWare Horizon to securely connect to your campus computer profile and access files that are saved to your H: (Personal) and S: (Shared) drives. These drives are an allotted amount of space on our network where it is recommended you save files. The View client can now be accessed through a web browser, requiring your StarID login credentials and no download.

  • Printing

    NHCC has printers that are connected to campus computers, the 9 printer stations are shown on the map:
    Map showing printer locations for student use.

    Printing Guidelines/Information

    • Instructions to print are posted near campus computers.
    • Students log-in to their account using their StarID.
    • Community members create an account and can access computers located in the ES building.
    • The cost for a double-sided black and white print/copy is 10 cents per page.
    • The cost for a color print/copy is 40 cents per side.
    • Cash only and correct change is needed. Unused deposits can be used for future print jobs, but you will not receive a refund
  • Software

  • StarID

    What is a StarID?
    StarID is a single username that allows you to log into any of your technology applications at North Hennepin and within the Minnesota State system. The StarID format consists of two letters followed by four numbers, followed by two letters, such as ab1234cd. You can use the same StarID at every participating Minnesota State institution.

    Activating your StarID
    To activate your StarID:
    1) Click here to begin
    2) Under Students, click Tech ID (Student ID)

    • In the Institution field, select North Hennepin Community College
    • In the Tech ID field, enter your eight-digit Student ID number 
    • Enter your social security number and click Continue

    3) Enter and re-enter your new password
    4) Select your preferred email address
    5) Click the box acknowledging data stewardship responsibilities
    6) Click Activate StarID

    Options for getting help with your StarID

  • NHCC Mobile App

    NHCC logo

    Four new ways to stay connected with your campus:

    • Access all your campus information on the go
    • Keep your classes, assignments and events organized
    • Join the campus discussion and connect with your peers
    • Chat with your friends and see their timetables
    Download the App

    Search for "North Hennepin Community College."

    Apple App store   Google play store

    NHCC Mobile App & Student Code of Conduct

    North Hennepin Community College wants to promote a friendly, informative and enjoyable online experience for users of the new NHCC App. As such, any content and comments violating our Student Code of Conduct will be removed as soon as possible. Use of this mobile app is governed under the campus Student Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure (3.6 &3.6.1) as well as the Acceptable Use of Computers Policy and Procedure (5.22 & 5.22.1). These policies are located here.

    Use of the app in the following manner is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct (except from procedure 5.22.1)

    6. Users must not engage in inappropriate uses, including:

      a. Activities that violate state or federal law or regulation;
      b. Wagering or betting;
      c. Harassment, threats to or defamation of others, stalking, and/or illegal discrimination;
      d. Fund-raising, private business, or commercial activity, unless it is related to the mission of the system or its colleges and universities. Mission related activities are determined by the college, university, or system office, and include activities of authorized campus or system-sponsored organizations;
      e. Storage, display, transmission, or intentional or solicited receipt of material that is or may be reasonably regarded as obscene, sexually explicit, or pornographic, including any depiction, photograph, audio recording, video or written word, except as such access relates to the academic pursuits of a system student or professional activities of a system employee; and
      f. “Spamming” through widespread dissemination of unsolicited and unauthorized email messages.

    Violation of the Student Code of Conduct is subject to an investigation with the Conduct Department. If you have any concerns please contact our Conduct Department.

  • Training

  • WebEx

    Online collaboration is available for NHCC students, faculty, and staff!

    WebEx is a web-conferencing technology that enables users to conduct collaborative online meetings or training sessions. Users can share documents on their computing devices and communicate with each other using voice, video, or chat. Users can initiate and host or participate as attendees in meetings with classmates, teachers, and college staff. WebEx allows a meeting host to invite multiple attendees to participate in a conference. WebEx has been licensed by North Hennepin Community College so that you can connect and collaborate online with students, faculty, and staff. Below are some student use-cases:

    • Communicate with your teacher "live"
    • Connect with your advisor
    • Meet with your group to work on a group project
    • Meet with your study group

    Students who only take fully online courses might benefit from this technology the most, since it may not be possible for them to visit campus in person and meet with the teacher during their office hours, meet with their advisor to review their academic plan, or meet with the classmates for group-work.

    User Guides:

    How to access WebEx portal?
    Students: https://nhcc-student.webex.com - or click on the Login button on the right
    Faculty and Staff: https://nhcc.webex.com - or click on the Login button on the right

    Where to download app?
    Take your web meeting everywhere! Join any meeting right from your Apple, Android, Windows tablet or smartphone.
    Logo of App Store Logo of App Store Logo of Windows Store

  • Wireless

    To use NHCC's wi-fi:

    • Connect to the network "StarLAN" in your settings.
    • Login with your StarID and password.

    If you have any issues connecting please visit the Help Desk in CBT 103.

    Guest users will need to register their wireless account with the IT Help Desk staff in CBT 103 before they will be given access.