Workforce Innovation & Experiential Learning (WIEL) staff are available by appointment to meet with you in-person. To make an appointment, email: or call: 763-488-0445

The Workforce Innovation & Experiential Learning (WIEL) Center offers a variety of support services to enhance the student experience. 


  • Career Services

    Career Services offers assessments, resume, interview, and career exploration resources, in addition to job search services for students and employers. Visit our Career Services web page for more information.

    Career Services
    Karen Philbin, Director of Career Services
    Phone: 763-424-0707

  • Career Pathways

    Career Pathways provides assessment, academic, and career pathway advising to students to assist with academic success, persistence, graduation and transfer. Contact Gina Schmidt,, tel: (763) 488-0214 for assistance.

  • Experiential Learning

    Simply put, experiential learning is learning by doing, including internships, job shadow opportunities, informational interviews and more. Experiential learning is a great way to be certain you are enrolled in a program that prepares you for a career you are excited about and be ready to start. Staff at the Workforce Innovation and Experiential Learning Center can help you explore ways to start your career after graduation. For more information, contact Brent Olinger, or (763) 488-0283.

  • Nontraditional Careers

    Defined by gender, nontraditional career fields are composed of 75% or more of members of the opposite sex. NHCC connects students with role models in the field to gain firsthand knowledge, greatly increasing their chances of staying in that career. We also offer students the opportunity for informational interviews, job shadows, professional association memberships, and making connections with other nontraditional career students. For more information, contact Maria Vittone, or 763-424-0934.
    Examples of nontraditional careers for women include Business Computer Systems, Chemistry, Computer Science, Construction Management, Criminal Justice, Graphic Design, Health Sciences, Information Technology, Law Enforcement, Math, and Pre-Engineering.

    Examples of nontraditional careers for men include Child Development, Education, Nursing, Medical Lab Technology, and Paralegal.


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