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Math Resource Center

The Mathematics Resource Center (MRC) provides drop in math tutoring in any math or math related course to any student.

The MRC is staffed by experienced paraprofessionals. The goal of the MRC is to make the student independent of outside help and efforts are aimed in that direction. Due to the large number of students seeking our assistance we may limit the time spent with students to five or ten minutes at a time.

The best way to use the tutorial services the MRC offers is to bring in your assigned homework and work on it while in the area. This allows you the option to get assistance or clarification on what you do not understand while you are doing the work. We then encourage you to try it on your own. If you continue to have problems, you may come back and ask questions as many times as it takes to understand.

Besides the tutorial help, programmed materials, CD's, computer-assisted instruction, mathematics library, math topic handouts, quiet and group study areas are available.




Math Tutoring Contact Information

Location: Learning Resources Center (LRC) 168
Phone: 763-424-0742
Email: date.bradtke@nhcc.edu