Great Books Online
An enormous site that provides access to the writings of such celebrated authors as William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, T.S. Eliot, Jane Austen, Booker T. Washington, and more. Their Reference Shelf lists the King James Version of the Bible, the Columbia Encyclopedia, and Gray's Anatomy among its offerings.

Representative Poetry Online
This fully-indexed site contains the texts of over 3,000 poems by more than 500 significant poets. Also contains a helpful glossary of poetic terminology and a historical timeline of poetry.

A collection of Medieval, Renaissance, and 17th century literature. Each author entry includes a biographical description and a bibliography of related critical essays.

Literary Resources on the Net
Look here for an electronic version of a specific work of American or British literature.

Encyclopedia Mythica
An online encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and legend.

Folklore, Myth, and Legend
A links page to the folk tales and legends of the world.