2019-2020 NHCC Theatre Season

Lend Me A Tenor - This Production has been cancelled 

April 17-25, 2020
Written by Ken Ludwig
Directed by Mike Ricci
Mainstage production Fine Arts Center Theatre, FAC 178

Winner of numerous Tony Awards on Broadway and Oliver Awards in London's West End, 'Lend Me a Tenor' has been described as one of the two best comedies to have been written in the last 40 years. The Cleveland Opera Company has invited the world's leading tenor (Il Stupendo) to perform at their big gala, but he is under the weather and is having marital problems. The company manager and his assistant must decide what to do when Il Stupendo can't perform. Mistaken identities, outrageous sight gags and old fashioned slapstick humor abound in this class comedy that is guaranteed to make you laugh.

NHCC Theatre Ensemble in conjunction with NHCC Exercise Science Department presents The Wolves

October 18-26, 2019
Written by Sarah Dalappe
Directed by Kathy Hendrickson
Mainstage production Fine Arts Center Theatre, FAC 178

Left quad. Right quad. Lunge. A girl's indoor soccer team warms up. From the safety of their suburban stretch circle, the team navigates big questions and wages tiny battles with all the vim and vigor of a pack of adolescent warriors. A portrait of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for nine American girls who just want to score some goals. Fierce. Fearless. Female. Mature Language.

Dontrell, Who Kissed the Sea

November 20-23, 2019
Written by Nathan Alan Davis
Directed by Mike Ricci
Mainstage production Fine Arts Center Theatre, FAC 178

Eighteen year-old Dontrell Jones the Third decides that it is his duty and destiny to venture into the Atlantic Ocean in search of an ancestor lost during the crossing of a slave ship from the Middle Passage. But his family is not at all ready to abandon its prized son to the waters of a mysterious and haunting past. Blending poetry, humor, wordplay and ritual, Dontrell, Who Kissed the Sea is a present-day hero's quest exploring the lengths and depths we must go to redeem history's wrongs and reclaim our past.

Devised Theatre, by the cast (NHCC Students)

January 17-18, 2020
Directed by Soren Olsen
Blackbox Theatre, CC 242

For the third year in a row, NHCC Theater students will dive into the creation of an original theatre piece. Using current affairs, personal feelings and the general mainstream dialogue, they will create a performance piece that truly reflects the time and place we are in. This event promises to be though provoking and challenging, while filled with humor and insights into how we got to where we are today. Don't miss this premiere performance of an NHCC original production.

Leveling Up

March 4-7, 2020
Written by Deborah Zoe Lauger
Directed by Soren Olsen
Blackbox Theatre, Located on the second floor of the Campus Center, CC 242

Three twenty-something room-mates are glued to their video games. They are masters of the virtual worlds behind the computer screens in their Las Vegas basement. When one of them uses his gaming skills to land a job with the National Security Agency, launching actual drones and missiles, online battles begin to have real consequences. 'Leveling Up' is a timely reflection on how technology is changing our world and how we live in it, while raising questions about what it means to make choices in an increasingly disconnected and media-saturated world.

Guest Productions

Once again, NHCC Theatre is proud to present the work of the critically acclaimed Ten Thousand Things Theatre with two new productions for the upcoming season. Tickets are free for these productions.

  • The Winters Tale, by William Shakespeare, presented by Ten Thousand Things Theatre

    Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 3 p.m.
    Center for Business and Technology Building, Grand Hall CBT 195

    An epic and magical story of loss and redemption, renewal and forgiveness. Featuring a diverse cast, led by Sha Cage and Steven Epp, who will play roles of opposite gender, letting some of the regions best actors play atypical roles as audiences see themselves reflected on stage in new ways.

  • Thunder Knocking on my Door, by Keith Glover, with Keb Mo & Anderson Edwards presented by Ten Thousand Things Theatre

    Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 3 p.m.
    Center for Business and Technology Building, Grand Hall CBT 195
    Directed by Marcela Lorca

    A mythical tale that takes place at the crossroads of 'here and there', where Marvell Thunder, a mysterious shapeshifter, challenges Glory, a blind songstress, to a magical duel on the Delta Blues guitar. The show features the extraordinary music of four time Grammy Award winner Keb Mo & Anderson Edwards. TTT has assembled an amazing cast, led by Greta Ogelsby and T Mychael Rambo.