Changes during COVID-19 pandemic: 

We encourage NHCC members to stay connected through our new website which will include weekly virtual social hours, student-led presentations and blog postings relevant to diversity and equity. The site is expected to soft-launch March 23! Contact any of our team  members via email. We will be available for Zoom meetings and email.

North Hennepin Community College, as a diverse, equitable and inclusive community, is committed to upholding a campus culture that is respectful and welcoming. In light of COVID-19, we are aware of the racial stigmatization happening on many campuses towards individuals of Asian descent. At North Hennepin Community College, discrimination, bias treatment or harassment toward our Asian community members will not be tolerated. If you are a student or employee and have experienced or witnessed an incident of discrimination or bias, please fill out this complaint form. We are dedicated to upholding anti-racist practices, and we recognize that the richness of our diversity is our fundamental strength. Learn more about the college's discrimination policy.

Virtual Drop-In Hours via Zoom:

Mondays, 12:30 - 2:30 p.m. (no office hours on July 6)


The Diversity and Equity Center creates and sponsors multicultural programs and sustainability initiatives for students and the NHCC community, including:

To provide an inclusive, respectful, and inviting learning and work environment at NHCC by creating opportunities for interaction, dialogue, and inclusion among and across diverse cultures, including:

  • Academic diversity initiatives for students that complement academic instruction in the classroom
  • Multicultural education trainings that encourage and advance inclusive language, respect, interaction, and cultural knowledge
  • Innovative ideas and publicity that promote the value of diversity
  • Community connections that expand knowledge, networking, and resources
  • Collaboration by representing a voice of diversity and inclusion on campus committees

To promote the values of diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence as well as our civic responsibility in advancing these values outside of campus. Through diversity awareness and inclusion efforts, NHCC owns, maintains, and advances an inclusive, respectful, and inviting learning and work environment.