Applicants may use this single application form to apply to multiple Minnesota State community colleges that offer the MANE Nursing Program: Anoka-Ramsey, Century, Inver Hills, Normandale, North Hennepin, and Ridgewater. Information about the MANE program offered at MANE partners, Metropolitan State University and Minnesota State University-Moorhead is available on respective websites.

IMPORTANT: Applicants must first apply for general admission to each campus you wish to have your nursing application considered; the campus assigned 8-digit student ID provided after general admission is required for each campus you wish to be considered for the nursing program. Please submit the application only once. Applicants should be prepared to respond to the following questions on the MANE Nursing Program application.

  1. Demographic information: name, Star ID, Tech ID, email, phone, birthdate, address, ethnicity, gender
  2. Are you an International student?
  3. Are you a Veteran?
  4. Have you previously either withdrawn after enrollment or not passed a MANE Nursing Program?
  5. List college(s) name and state for each college enrolled or attended.
  6. Have you attended or enrolled in colleges or universities outside of the U.S.? If yes, list college name.
  7. MANE College Campus Choices: Identify the first and second semester prerequisite courses you have completed or have in progress/enrolled for each MANE campus you wish to be considered for admission to the MANE Nursing Program. Include name of institution course was taken, year taken, and grade (or in progress/enrolled).  Prerequisite courses differ between MANE campuses. Course equivalencies can be checked at
  8. Have you previously completed a college degree?
  9. Provide TEAS Test Date, test method (online or location) and TEAS Total Score.
  10. Are you an LPN? License information will be required for LPNs that are accepted to the program
    Admission criteria for the Fall 2021 MANE admission cycle remains based solely on combined GPA and TEAS scores. MANE Holistic Admissions will be implemented with the Spring 2022 admission cycle. We would greatly value your responses to the Experience and Attributes holistic review questions on this application, but completion of the Experience and Attributes questions is optional for this admission cycle.
  11. EXPERIENCE  350 words max (may be typed or cut and paste from Word doc)
    Tell us about your personal lived experience, not including work and educational experiences. How has your lived experience influenced your desire to enter the nursing profession?
  12. Work/Volunteer Experiences: List name(s) of organization, position/role, timeframe of involvement
  13. Formal Educational Experiences: List name of institution(s), timeframe of involvement, format (online, face to face, community education, independent reading)
  14. ATTRIBUTES 350 words max (may be typed or cut and paste from Word doc) Teamwork/Collaboration & Accountability: Please describe a situation in your life that demonstrates   your experience with Teamwork/Collaboration & Accountability. What was your role and what was the outcome of this experience? STAR: Situation, Task, Action, Result
  15. Other Educational & Training Experiences: List name of organization(s), title of experience, timeframe of involvement, format (online, face to face, community education, independent reading)