Public Works Certificate


If you are interested in being a part of government infrastructure projects for recreational, employment, and health and safety uses in the greater community, then Public Works is the program for you.  You will learn about infrastructure of public buildings, transportation, public spaces, public services, and other physical assets and facilities in this unique program.


NHCC is the only Minnesota State institution that offers a Public Works certificate, providing career preparation, continuing education, and in-service training for public works personnel. The Minnesota chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) will issue a certificate to students completing the courses in this program.



2018 - 2019

  • Curriculum

    Program Courses
    CoursesTitlesCourse OutlinesGoal AreasCredits
    Course Subject: PUBW         Course Number:1010
    Course Title:Office and Professional Skills for Public Works      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:4

    Course Description:This course provides an introduction to the office and professional skills needed for public works professionals. Course emphasis is on planning, organizing, preparing and delivering effective workplace and technical documents for use by the general public and elected officials. Specific types of documents may include field construction reports, requests for information, maintenance reports, status reports and interoffice memorandum. Students will also be introduced to basic office applications that may be used in the preparation of documents utilized by public works professionals.
    Office and Professional Skills for Public WorksView-PUBW1010n/a4
    Course Subject: PUBW         Course Number:1020
    Course Title:Public Works Organization and Administration      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:4

    Course Description:This course is designed to give an individual a general overview of public works; its organizational structure, function, responsibilities, and inter-relationships and financing mechanisms within our governmental systems. It will also give an overview of the systems typically managed by the public works professional and will focus on the public works supervisor's role in managing those functions and activities including budgeting, performance measuring, management systems and computer applications.
    Public Works Organization and AdministrationView-PUBW1020n/a4
    Course Subject: PUBW         Course Number:1030
    Course Title:Public Works Management and Communication      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:4

    Course Description:This course is designed to familiarize the student with general principles such as safety, liability, public relations to include dealing with the public sector, conducting public meetings, handling complaints, use of written communications and news media as well as securing citizen acceptance for projects that would be expected of a leadership position. It also provides students with the knowledge to successfully hire, manage and supervise public works employees and consultants.
    Public Works Management and CommunicationView-PUBW1030n/a4
    Course Subject: PUBW         Course Number:1040
    Course Title:Technical Aspects of Public Works      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:4

    Course Description:This course provides supervisory personnel the basic principles of public works engineering functions and overviews the engineering attributes of materials used in public works projects. Subjects covered include reading plans, elements of roadway design, surveying, proposals, specifications, bituminous and concrete construction, computer applications, pavement management, and public works systems.
    Technical Aspects of Public WorksView-PUBW1040n/a4
    Course Subject: PUBW         Course Number:1050
    Course Title:Public Works Operations and Maintenance      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:4

    Course Description:This course relates to the delivery of maintenance and operations products and services to the public. It will cover the identification of equipment and personnel resource needs, the planning and scheduling of needed work, and the performance measures required to assure that efficiency and effectiveness are achieved. Discussions will include factors involved with making choices of preventive vs. breakdown maintenance, in-house vs. contract, renting vs. buying, and partnering as applied to street, highway, utility, equipment, grounds and building maintenance.
    Public Works Operations and MaintenanceView-PUBW1050n/a4
    NHCC Residency and GPA
    CoursesTitlesCourse OutlinesGoal AreasCredits
    6 Credits must be earned at NHCC
                                   Total Credit Required20

  • Program Outcomes

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    Knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world, including:

    • Understanding and articulating the organization and functions of public works and public works professionals.

    Personal and Social Responsibility, including:

    • Using the office and professional skills necessary for effective creation and delivery of workplace and technical documents for use by the general public, regulatory organizations and elected officials.

    • Understanding and articulating the technical functions undertaken by public works professionals with primary emphasis on roadway design, construction and maintenance.

    • Understanding and articulating the advanced concepts of public works operations and maintenance.

    The Public Works Certificate provides graduates with an opportunity to enter in to the Public Works field as well as provides current public works professionals with an opportunity to obtain advanced training and continuing education. Upon completion, program participants receive a certificate from the Minnesota Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA).

  • Career Opportunities

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    Public Works

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    p>If you are planning on transferring to another institution, follow the guidelines available on our transfer resources web page to help you plan the process: Transfer Information

  • Degree Information

    p>Certificates may be earned for successful completion of courses in a specialized program of study with a minimum grade point average of 2.00 (C). A certificate shall include 9 to 30 semester credits. At least one-third of the total credits required for each certificate must be completed at North Hennepin Community College.


    Developmental Courses

    Some students may need preparatory course(s) in Math and/or English. Courses numbered below 1000 will not apply toward a degree.


    Equal Opportunity Employer and Disability Access Information

    North Hennepin Community College is a member of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system and an equal opportunity employer and educator. This document is available in alternative formats to individuals with disabilities by calling 763-493-0555 or through the Minnesota Relay Service at 1-800-627-3529.

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