Course Descriptions

SPAN 1030    Spanish and Latin American Culture     Credits  3         Goal Areas  06,08     Course Outline 1030

This course is an introduction to the civilization and culture of Spain and Spanish America, with particular emphasis on comparative cultures, modern trends, the ancient Indian civilizations and African-Spanish-American influences. The course is taught in English; no previous knowledge of Spanish is required.

SPAN 1050    Spanish for Health Care Workers     Credits  3         Goal Areas  n/a     Course Outline 1050

This course is designed for students in medical and health care areas who want to develop fundamental skills in conversational Spanish as related to their daily activities. The course activities are divided into two major sections: First, basic language skills that are taught using the textbook, An Introduction to Spanish for Health Care Workers; Second, the creation and practice of dialogs related to specific nursing tasks (e.g., assessing medical history, assessing health risks, teaching breast self exams, making appointments, etc.). This course is not a Spanish language class per se, but it is designed to teach health care students how to do specific tasks in Spanish. As such, there is no specific Spanish prerequisite to be enrolled in this course. All non-native speakers of Spanish at any level are encouraged to enroll in this course. Students who are interested in acquiring Spanish language in general are invited to enroll in traditional Spanish courses.

SPAN 1101    Beginning Spanish I     Credits  5         Goal Areas  08     Course Outline 1101

Designed for the student with little or no previous experience with languages, this course stresses correct pronunciation, aural comprehension, basic structure, and a practical reading knowledge of Spanish.

SPAN 1102    Beginning Spanish II     Credits  5         Goal Areas  08     Course Outline 1102

Continuing the activities and skill development from Span 1101, this course will emphasize basic proficiency reinforcing the student's knowledge and awareness of appropriate language use in a variety of situations. Prerequisite: Span 1101 or equivalent recommended

SPAN 1390    Field Study Spanish/Latin American Civilization     Credits  1-3         Goal Areas  n/a     Course Outline 1390

This course will take students to Spain, Mexico, or other Spanish-speaking countries to experience contemporary life in a Spanish-speaking country, while observing the influences of the past. Credit level depends on the length and intensity of individual study on a topic agreed upon in advance by the student and instructor.

SPAN 1990    Spanish Special Topics     Credits  1-4         Goal Areas  n/a     Course Outline 1990

This course will provide flexibility in offering an in-depth review of topics of immediate importance and topical interest. These topics will go beyond the introductory courses in examining specific aspects of the subject matter.

SPAN 2201    Intermediate Spanish I     Credits  5         Goal Areas  06,08     Course Outline 2201

This course continues the development of the multiple language skills introduced in the beginning sequence. The student is introduced to the literature and culture of Spain and Spanish America. Prerequisite: Span 1102 or equivalent recommended

SPAN 2202    Intermediate Spanish II     Credits  5         Goal Areas  06,08     Course Outline 2202

This course continues the development of multiple language skills with the opportunity to improve reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension, with emphasis on developing skills in conversation and in expanding vocabulary. The student will also have a more extensive exposure to the literature and culture through readings and films. Prerequisite: Span 2201 or equivalent recommended