Course Descriptions

POLS 1100    American Government and Politics     Credits  3         Goal Areas  05,09     Course Outline 1100

This course is a general introduction to American politics with emphasis on the Constitution, citizen participation, elections, and the role of the major governmental institutions - Congress, presidency and judiciary - in the formulation of public policy in the United States.

POLS 1140    State and Local Politics     Credits  3         Goal Areas  05,09     Course Outline 1140

This course studies the operation and structure of state governments including executive, legislative, judicial functions as well as elections and policy formation, with an emphasis on Minnesota.

POLS 1600    Comparative Politics     Credits  3         Goal Areas  05,08     Course Outline 1600

This course examines and compares the organization and politics of modern governments around the world. Countries studied exemplify larger course themes of political institutions, political culture, elections, public policy, democratization, economic development, and comparative methodology.

POLS 1700    World Politics     Credits  3         Goal Areas  05,08     Course Outline 1700

This course is a general introduction to international relations with emphasis on great power politics, international organizations, security studies, international political economy, and global environmental politics.

POLS 1990    Political Science Special Topics     Credits  1-4         Goal Areas  n/a     Course Outline 1990

This course will provide flexibility in offering an in-depth review of topics of immediate importance and topical interest. These topics will go beyond the introductory courses in examining specific aspects of the subject matter.

POLS 2130    Constitutional Law     Credits  3         Goal Areas  05     Course Outline 2130

This course will acquaint students with the content of the United States Constitution and its amendments; its interpretations within political, social, and historical contexts; and will examine the reasoning process in major judicial decisions. Prerequisite: Soc 1710 or PolS 1100