Course Descriptions

ECON 1050    Economics of Crime     Credits  3         Goal Areas  05,09     Course Outline 1050

This course covers economics theories of crime and justice. Crime topics include: illegal drug markets, violent crime, nonviolent crime, and international crime. Economic theories and concepts such as rationality, efficiency, supply, and demand are used. The course includes international and historical comparisons of enforcement techniques from both an economic efficiency framework and an ethical perspective.

ECON 1060    Principles of Macroeconomics     Credits  3         Goal Areas  05,08     Course Outline 1060

This course covers mainstream theories, the economy's recent performance, national income and output levels, money and the banking system, inflation and unemployment, fiscal and monetary policies, economic growth, and international trade.

ECON 1070    Principles of Microeconomics     Credits  3         Goal Areas  05     Course Outline 1070

This course covers theories of consumer and producer behavior as well as market structure, the role of government in the economy, distribution of income, externalities, and taxes.

ECON 1990    Topics     Credits  1-4         Goal Areas  n/a     Course Outline 1990

This course will provide flexibility in offering an in-depth review of topics of immediate importance and topical interest. These topics will go beyond the introductory courses in examining specific aspects of the subject matter.