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Alumni - Dylan Lewis: Testimonial

Professor Volk

I got the job!

I had my second interview with the owner of Davco Technologies yesterday morning. He stumped me with a couple of questions about networking, but I think that he was just asking me questions until he could stump me to see how I would handle not knowing the answer. If nothing else, I was happy just to gain the experience of being through two programming interviews.

I have been hired as a full-time Application Developer. I never thought that I would be able to get a "real" programming job before I even finished my Associate's degree. I was worried that I would have to wait until after I got my Bachelor's degree. This was actually the first programming job that I applied to. I believe that my decision to transfer to NHCC led to this opportunity.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to the Computer Science department at NHCC and to you in particular. Taking Intro to Programming in Java this Spring has led to so many great opportunities for me. I was inspired by the creativity that was encouraged in the class. Also, having beginning programmers start out with a graphical application is a good way to get them excited about programming. I learned more in Professor Gorrill's one-credit online Beginning Web Page Programming course than I did in from four-credit in-person HTML course from another school. I learned the basics of SQL from Professor Pope and without SQL, you won't make it too far as a programmer. Professor (Ted) Volk's C/ C++ course has taught me that, as a programmer, you cannot ignore any detail. It must all be done correctly with proper style, and the output must be congruent with what is expected (ie. rounding and precision of floating point numbers). Dr. Steinke's online Computer Security Basics course has shown me that online communication can be just as engaging as in-person communication if done properly. The class where I really felt that I got a "peek behind the curtain" of how the internet actually works is Programming for Internet with Professor Spitzer. I believe that this course as Prof. Spitzer teaches it (with PHP and MySQL) should be part of the core curriculum for Computer Science.

I feel fortunate that I still have two semesters left as a student and tutor at NHCC.

Thank you,

Dylan Lewis


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