Student Worker Details

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Job Details

Job Title  Student Liaison
Department   Community Connections Resource Center
Job Description  
The purpose of the Community Connections Office is to connect students to resources in the community that will support their personal and academic success.  Student Work-Study Staff support this mission through the following:
• Answering phones
• Contacting community resources from designated lists to request brochures and other materials sent to the Community Connections Office.
• Light Computer Processing Skills
• Assisting students locating resources in the Community Connections Office
• Assist students with utilizing web based databases to locate information to meet their needs
• Attentively welcoming students and staff as they enter the Community Connections Office
• Assisting Staff with organizing material that comes into the Office
• Maintaining order in the Office by pushing in chairs, restocking materials and providing general up keep of the office
• Assist with record keeping of students utilizing the service
• Other duties as assigned by Office staff
• Must qualify for Work-Study Financial Aid
• Friendly positive attitude
• Ability to perform a variety of assignments and ask questions if clarification is needed.
• Ability to be self-directed with limited supervision, while recognizing personal limits and seeking staff consultation when appropriate.
• Good organizational skills
• Professional attitude when dealing with the community
• Follow procedures of the office including responsibility for turning in time cards on time.
Work Schedule  
Based on availability, hours will be determined based on resource Center hours (M-Th: 9:00am - 3:00am)
Compensation   $10.00/hour
Contact Name   Sue Smith
Contact Phone   (763)424-0710
Deadline   open until filled
Number Of Positions   2