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Mobile Access

D2L Mobile Web Browsing

Mobile Web Browsing is available for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android based smartphones. You can access course content, post discussions, read news items, check your grades, and see course calenders.

Watch the training video on the features of the mobile application - Mobile Web Browsing.

 D2L Mobile Web Browsing

Login using your phone at https://www.nhcc.edu/onlinelearning or https://nhcc.ims.mnscu.edu/d2l/m/login

For Mobile Web Compatibility check Platform Requirements.  

Mobile Device Discussion - Messages Unread

  Mobile Messages Unread Links

When using Mobile Discussions in D2L, you will need to click on each posting you read in order to get credit if your teachers are requiring you to read postings. If you don't click on the "messages unread" links, your teachers will not have record of it being read.


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