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2014-2015 Season


North Hennepin Community College Faculty Exhibition
September 9-26, 2014
Opening Reception on Wednesday, September 10, 6-8pm, Joseph Gazzuolo Fine Arts Gallery

The 2014-15 Fine Art Gallery season at North Hennepin kicks off with a Bi-Annual Faculty Exhibit. This delightful visual free-for-all includes  work  by Will Agar, Daniel Bagaus, Jane Bassuk, Gina Dabrowski, Glenn Grafelmann, Marina Haworth, Jerry Mathiason, Steve Pauley, Michelle Ranta, Jason Schoch,  Andrew Stafford and Michael Stowell.

Kjellgren Alkire: "Roots"
October 6-24, 2014
Opening Reception on Wednesday, October 8, 6-8pm, Joseph Gazzuolo Fine Arts Gallery

Artist Statement:
My creative work blends graphics, installation and performance. As the primary focus of my research and creative production, I have maintained a humorous investigation of male personality types native (or attracted) to North American religious practice and agriculture. By performing, designing and constructing facets of these characters, I interrogate and celebrate the confluence of religious and rural subcultural productions.

About the Artist:
Kjellgren Alkire makes art about doubt and certainty, language and its failure, people and their politics, agriculture and its subcultures. His studio and curatorial work has been a beneficiary of several awards, including the 2014 Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Artists, a 2011 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant, a 2009 Contemporary Forum Award from the Phoenix Art Museum and some really great project funding from the Missouri Arts Council in 2009. His studio is in (lovely) Lake City, Minnesota. He teaches art and design at Winona State University.

Eileen Cohen: "The Trophy Room"
November 3-December 19, 2014
Opening Reception on Thursday, November 6, 6-8pm, Joseph Gazzuolo Fine Arts Gallery

About the Artist:
Eileen Cohen explores the human/animal relationship through hand built ceramic sculptures. Her work comes out of a love of animals and is inspired by their forms.  Reduced to minimal forms, her tactile sculptures explore surface, proportion, and color with a sense of visual humor. Cohen writes, “I approach animals with compassion and empathy, and I am deeply saddened by their suffering. I am disturbed by the mistreatment of animals: how humans exploit animals as objects for our enjoyment, entertainment, and consumption”.

John Gregor: "The Eternal Lake"
January 12-30, 2015

Annual High School Art Exhibition
February 2-26, 2015
Closing Reception on Thursday, February 26, 6-8pm

NHCC Student Art Exhibition
April 2-24, 2015
Opening Reception on Thursday, April 2, 6-8pm  

This exhibition celebrates the outstanding artwork produced throughout the academic year by NHCC students and is juried by local professional artists.




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