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Step 1: Understand Yourself

Understanding yourself means assessing your skills, interests, and values to help you determine your career direction. A way to begin this step is to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What am I good at?
  • What aspects of my current/previous roles do I like and want to continue doing?
  • What am I good at that I do not want to continue doing?
  • What aspects of my current/previous roles do I dislike?
  • What are my interests?
  • Do I enjoy working with people, data, or things?
  • What is important to me in my life and career? 

There are a number of online resources available with assessment tools to help you understand yourself. A good idea is to complete some assessments and then work with a career coach to help interpret and evaluate the results. Many of the online assessments are free or low cost. Here are a few free online assessment resources:

ISEEK is Minnesota’s career, education, and job resource. The "Assess Yourself" section has assessments for skills and interests as well as links to other online assessment tools.

Career One Stop: mySkills myFuture helps you explore your career options and plan your future. It is sponsored by the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. There are online career tools, resources and links to local services for job seekers and students on the pathway to career success. The "mySkills myFuture" feature helps map your skills to new careers.

Job Skills Transfer Assessment Tool (JobSTAT) helps you find occupations that are a good match based on your work experience and how your skills, knowledge, and abilities can transfer to those careers.

O*Net Skills Search is sponsored by the US Department of Labor. The Skills Search function is designed to help you use your skill set to identify occupations for exploration. You select a set of skills from six broad groups of skills to create your customized skill list. Then you can see which occupations best match your skills.



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