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Customized Training

Companies of every size and in every industry turn to North Hennepin Community College for customized training services to help them: 

  • Improve quality, efficiency and productivity
  • Develop talent in hard-to-fill positions
  • Maximize ROI for your training budget
  • Support organizational growth and profitability

In today's economy, your employees must be innovative, entrepreneurial, flexible, and technically competent. In addition, they need the right values...attitudes...communication skills...and interpersonal competencies to work effectively in teams across your organization and increasingly across the world!

We're proud to deliver customized training that helps your organization succeed in a highly competitive global marketplace, where your employees' knowledge and skills can be the source of your competitive advantage. Whether classes take place on North Hennepin's campus or at your workplace, your employees will gain practical skills and knowledge they can apply immediately on the job.

Here's How It Works:

Phase 1 - Needs Assessment
Through our comprehensive discussions with key organizational leaders, your business and learning objectives are clarified to ensure that the resulting customized training program is targeted and effective.

Phase 2 - Design
Utilizing the expertise of instructors and staff, a rigorous, flexible and relevant curriculum is developed to fit your business environment and maximize “applied knowledge” for direct performance improvement.

Phase 3 - Delivery
Our instructors employ proven adult-learning principles that produce optimal educational outcomes. A dedicated team from North Hennepin provides exceptional logistical support so that all of your needs and expectations are met.

Phase 4 - Evaluation
Because your employee-development goals drive the program, participants’ learning and classroom experience is regularly measured against your learning objectives, allowing us to ensure that the the training program is effectively meeting your needs.

Contact one of our customized training representatives today at
763-424-0880 or email us at cect@nhcc.edu to learn more about customized training for your organization.




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