Cornerstones is a FREE college-preparatory program at North Hennepin Community College, designed for junior high and high school students who are either low-income, minority, and/or first-generation. We hold special events throughout the year and during the summer. 

High School Summer Program

For students currently in grades 9-12

The Cornerstones High School Summer Program is for students who are on the cusp of college readiness. It provides an exciting opportunity to take summer classes at North Hennepin Community College and develop college readiness skills.

The program is four days a week from 10am-12pm for eight weeks. Lunch is provided and transportation may be arranged upon request. Participating students receive up to six college credits.

To participate, students must:

  • First, take a placement test and pass at a pre-college reading level. This placement test is the ACCUPLACER and is administered by a Cornerstones representative on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
  • Second, submit the High School Summer Program Application. 
  • Once the application is accepted, students will apply for admission to NHCC and enroll in college courses with other high school students. This summer, the two college-level courses include Introduction to Theatre and Creative Writing.

Please contact Namibia Little at if you are a parent or student with questions about Cornerstones.

Middle School Summer Program

Students currently in grades 6-8

The Middle School Summer Program goals focus on skill, will, self-direction, and developing knowledge of the college environment through math, science, nutrition, and language using project-based learning activities. Core classes incorporate hands-on learning, auditory learning, and visual learning, while connecting academic content with everyday life experiences.

The program encourages students to pursue higher education. Students learn the advantages of a college education and why college is important to reaching their goals. They develop self-direction through project-based learning and activities that help them envision how college enables them to pursue career options they are interested in. They gain first-hand knowledge of how college works by visiting colleges, as well as extending their learning with web-based research. Through participation, students develop confidence in their ability to be college students.

The program is three weeks long, Monday-Thursday from 8:30am-4:30pm, with half-day Fridays for field trips. At the end of the program, there is a ceremony that showcases student work. To support long-term involvement and sustained growth, students and parents will be invited back to each during each school year for a variety of activities.

To participate, submit the Middle School Summer Program Application. If you have any questions, feel free to Namibia Little at

Additional Youth Program Opportunities

If you are looking for additional programs in the area, please visit the Brooklyns Connect website at for other youth opportunities in Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center.



Contact Information

Namibia Little
Academic Transitions Advisor