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Business Computer Systems and Management

The Business Computer Systems and Management program is designed for students interested in a business management background, with an opportunity to concentrate on utilizing the computer in managerial decision making. You will be learning technology skills for the workplace that are needed in a career today. Our focus is to bridge the gap between technical knowledge and business functions with a mix of communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. Courses from this program are delivered in the classroom and/or online by faculty with real-world work experience.  Prepare to either enter the workforce directly or transfer your degree credits into a bachelor’s degree program.


Our faculty are dedicated to providing a quality education for our students. Faculty have high teaching education levels – Masters plus advanced degrees. All of our faculty have worked in business in various industries. We are dedicated to continue our connections to what is happening in the workplace, such as participating in advisory board meetings, workforce center contacts, staffing companies’ recruiters, and relationships with business leaders in the community. We also maintain four-year university relationships to help understand what students will need to know, so we can prepare our students for transfer to a four-year university. Our participation in staff development opportunities help to keep us abreast of changing needs/expectations in the workforce. Constant review of our degrees and certificates guarantees that we are meeting the needs of the industry, as well as with our four-year college transfer partners, so our students can fulfill their career and education goals.

Department Details
Department: Computer Information Systems
Building: Center for Business & Technology
Main: 763-424-0758

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Anna Kniebel